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Technology in Agriculture, Simplified

Virtual Reality in Agriculture?


One of my many goals for 2016 is to write more original content. Yes, I will still be doing my AMS Questions and Answers lists (I have a draft written with a bunch of stuff, it just needs finished), but I wanted a chance to work on my writing skills more. I enjoy writing, but I’m not very good at it. Practice makes perfect right? Feel free to post in the comments or tweet me @AaronBobeck if there’s something agriculture / equipment / technology related you’d like see get discussed. I’m always open to constructive feedback.


One of the most up-and-coming technologies in general consumer technology is Virtual Reality (or VR for short). The concept of VR is creating an experience that makes you feel like you’re somewhere else. Check out the YouTube video below to see an example of what seeing virtual reality looks like.

I thought up a few use theoretical case scenarios for VR in agriculture:

Scouting Crops

What if a drone or other ground based robot could travel autonomously through a field and collect 360 degree video and pictures? While the experience wouldn’t completely replace stepping into fields, it could drastically increase the number of aces and frequency at which agronomists and producers could inspect fields. Last summer I tried out hanging a GoPro camera off a drone into a corn canopy. While it’s not perfect by any means, I think it sows some potential promise (if automated enough and easy to use).

Checking in on Livestock

I’m far from a livestock expert, but I see producers all the time asking about video monitoring systems for watching for calves or other livestock. Maybe more interesting could be inspecting animals that are being sold online at auction a long distance away.

Inspecting Equipment

What if a service technician could inspect a piece of equipment without even being there? Or an equipment buyer could get an ultra close-up look at a machine they’re buying sight unseen? Notice how many of these use case scenarios involve saving travel time, not to mention less risk to personal safety and liability.

Outdoor Screen Monitor – Drone monitor, etc.

Here’s one that’s actually not a theoretical use scenario. If you’ve ever tried to look at a smartphone, tablet, or tv screen outdoors (especially one someone else is holding onto) then you know that glare and brightness are major issues. While I haven’t purchased any goggles yet, you might check out these highly reviewed HeadPlay HD FPV Goggles.


(turn your volume down for the bottom video)

  • Tony Meekes

    Interesting theories Aaron! Some of these concepts have crossed my mind as well.

    I think another significant point is outlining the difference in uses for VR in ag, compared to Augmented Reality. I think AR has just as much, and perhaps even more use in agriculture than VR!

    Great perspective!

    • admin

      Agreed Tony. Thanks for your comment!

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