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Technology in Agriculture, Simplified

December 22, 2017
by admin

AgTech Observations and What’s Missing

Some observations around recent conversations regarding AgTech..

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I’m sick of the articles on big data, crazy ROI claims, and intangible services. These things might be cool, but they’re not well understood by anyone. Nobody has big data all figured out. Nobody has a product offering that hasn’t changed price, features, and support team every year for as long its existed.. heck every few months something major changes. This is not the foundation the future of AgTech needs, its a competition to see who can sell the most over-hyped beta service. No producer is lined up to pay $xx per acre for something they can’t touch, and to boot, creates more work for them too.

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November 5, 2017
by admin

Local Imagery Provides Value and Perspective Too

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Just a few thoughts on this rainy Sunday..

Everyone and their brother wants to offer you satellite, airplane, and drone based imagery,  but what about the local imagery?

Have you ever seen a spot on a yield map or as-applied map and wonder what the heck happened there? Sure you can layer other maps (say ground speed or planter singulation) to help solve the mystery, but what if you had a picture or video from on board the vehicle or implement? That’s the kind of local imagery I’m talking about. There’s the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. I think GPS coordinates added to that pic or video might be worth an extra few words and maybe help solve that mystery.

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August 31, 2017
by admin

Don’t Change Your Computer’s Date & Time

So maybe you have an older piece of computer software that doesn’t like today’s date and time. Or maybe it “expires”, even though you’ve paid for it properly (this isn’t to be used for getting around trials). So to get around the issue of a calendar date the software developers didn’t anticipate, you change the date on your computer for that one program.. So what’s the big deal with that? Well I’ve seen major problems with more modern kinds of desktop computer software such as JD Apex or AgLeader SMS. Date and time is important to these programs, they don’t usually like seeing an old calendar date, and can throw errors or corrupt files. More than once this has happened, it’s easy to forget to change the calendar date back and forth for that one other program.

I recently ran across a solution to solve changing the date and time for a specific program. It’s called “RunAsDate“. This simple, little executable changes the date and time for just the program you want it to. It does not affect any other programs on your computer. I’m using this on a parts catalog program and it’s been flawless so far. Make sure Immediate Mode is checked on.


July 14, 2017
by admin

Voice Recognition Technology in Agriculture

Friday thoughts…

You can ask your $500 smartphone almost anything by voice

You can ask a $100 Amazon Alexa or Google Home device almost anything by voice

You can tell your $50k automobile to change the station or navigate somewhere (maybe) by voice

But we have $200k-$500k+ farm machines you can’t ask anything?
And they can’t verbally tell us why something quits or breaks either?

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June 27, 2017
by admin
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Subscription AgTech Thoughts – New Gen 4 4640 Display and More

Earlier this month, John Deere announced a new model to replace the 7 year old standalone 2630 display, the new Gen 4 4640 display. The new 4640 operates very much the same as the Gen 4 Command center displays, which have been on the armrest of large, final tier 4 emissions tractors for almost four years now. However, there is a huge change in the strategy of software activations such as AutoTrac and Section Control.

Instead of one-time fees for activations, the 4640 requires a recurring annual or five year subscription. This is a major shift in strategy for the second time in the last four years. For 2630 displays and other previous generations, activations were both transferable and up-gradable to the newer generation of display (ex: 2600 -> 2630).

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May 27, 2017
by admin

#DeereAMS Q&A Spring 2017

Long overdue for Q&A post.. here’s an update on the things I saw this Spring, 2017..


I do have to say the software this spring has been great. Unless you have a very specific reason not to update software, I highly recommend updating your 2630 display and 3000 / 6000 receiver. I had one 2630 that for whatever reason would not AutoTrac on last spring’s software, so it was backdated. Updated said display this spring and no problems at all.  Even had very minimal problems with Apex, but the software changes there have been very minuscule for some time.

Note: If you do your own updates, I’d highly recommend the method I went over in this YouTube video:

(many folks seemed to have difficulties with updates failing when hooked to SeedStar planters this spring)


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February 25, 2017
by admin

Precision Ag and Farm Equipment on eBay

A few quick thoughts and things to watch for on eBay…


Used Precision Ag items on eBay

You need to be very careful buying used Precision Ag items on eBay.
The issue isn’t so much about sellers not providing what they said they would, it’s buyers not getting what they expected.

You CANNOT buy a BASICS activation for an GreenStar 2/3/4 display.. you CANNOT activate anything or even make a map without BASICS
– They can be transferred however, but the donor won’t have BASICS
– Many times these are displays that have been replaced under warranty and didn’t go back or get destroyed like they should have

Watch out for displays and receivers from other countries
– AMS products are region locked  (North America one region.. three other regions for the rest of the world)
– Some of these may actually work, but it’s a huge risk and they might not be able to be software updated

On the flip side of this, I have purchased several harnesses and brackets off eBay at a nice savings and had no problems. I have also sold a couple items for a great price as well due to eBay. ATU’s in particular seem to sell for almost new price.

Long story short, used AMS tends to resell very good. If something goes for half normal price, it’s probably for a reason.

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February 11, 2017
by admin

Rant: Ag Website Design Going Backwards


Hey marketing and website design people.. wake the heck up and stop making websites worse

I’ve been browsing many equipment and technology websites lately, and I have to say I’m really disappointed a lot of the website redesigns.

It never ceases to amaze me when equipment dealers and other Ag businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars to “modernize” their web sites and they end up with a barely functional website which looks like some kind of cross between Facebook and a crappy photo gallery.


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January 30, 2017
by admin

Art of the Ag Equipment Deal

So you want one hell of a deal on a piece of farm equipment?
You’d better be prepared to do the work to get that deal.

There are many factors that effect your ability to get a good deal on farm equipment. Here are my thoughts on how to get a good deal on farm equipment:

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January 29, 2017
by admin

Cheap Unlimited 4G Internet?

UPDATE 10-23-17

Sounds like what was almost too go to be true was. They will be shutting down the service “no later than November 30”. I’d recommend filing a dispute with PayPal or your credit card company


You can read more on Reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/4GCommunity/




Around a year ago, I stumbled on some online discussion of a cheap source for internet access that seemed too good to be true. An unlimited hotspot device that uses cellular 4G technology to deliver unlimited internet for $10-20 a month seemed impossible; and even tax deductible as a charity donation too? But as I found out over the last few days, these options are real, and it works… If you have really good Sprint cellular data coverage.

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