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Technology in Agriculture, Simplified

Looking Back on 2015 AgTech


It’s been a while since I’ve written some original content, so here’s a few thoughts and favorite articles as technology pertains to Agriculture looking back on 2015.


  • The year that drones and big data went mainstream… they’re cool and they’re everywhere but are producers really putting more money in their pockets because of these tools?
  • Next gen hardware – new displays with better touch screens and more computing power, but what do we really gain other than split screen ISOVT?
  • More apps on more tablets and smartphones for agriculture.. air seeder blockage monitors, planter mapping, grain cart scales, etc.. I hope this trend continues!
  • Internet of Things (IOT) starts to a little traction? … Sensor tech and a lower cost probably still has a ways to go, especially for the corn belt


I went through my a list of articles I thought were interesting this year, some interesting reading for sure..
The focus is more on concepts than individual products or services

My comments on some articles are in underneath the ariticle in italics

Most interesting AgTech articles for 2015

“Big data” big potential, big problems”

“Outlook 2016: Banking On Big Data Progress”

“DJI announces $15,000 agricultural drone designed to spray crops”

“Robot planting challenge”

“Big Data: More Than a Lot of Numbers!”

“LightSquared Reports Progress on Settlement Talks with Deere, Trimble, But Not Garmin”

..Seriously we’re still talking about LightSquared??

“ROI Analysis on Drones”

“Four Takeaways from the Precision Ag Data Platforms Conference”

“Sharing Farm Equipment in the Digital Age”

Can Ag get in on the sharing economy? Lots of questions..

“The Internet of Things and the Future of Farming”

“AGCO Introduces New UAV SOLO System”

Will we see more precision ag / equip mfg get in selling drones or drone services?

“InfoAg 2015: 5 Things I Think About The Week That Was In St. Louis”

“Forbes AgTech Summit: The ‘Connected Farm’ Is Still In The Pre-Internet Age”

“AEF to Pursue Wireless In-Field Communication and High-Speed ISOBUS”

“Farmers Business Network Raises $15M From Google Ventures”

So despite many commodity prices being halved on the couple years, venture capitalists actually pour more money into AgTech

“Autonomous Tractor at Work”

How awesome is that (and dangerous)? An an autonomous grain cart tractor farmer-built from open source and off the shelf components

“John Deere Does Not Own Your Tractor.”

“We Can’t Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership”

The big “right to repair” fight over what is and isn’t legal to fix yourself stirred a lot of commotion this past year, but I doubt much actually changes. Remember part of the high cost of equipment is warranty and gengeral saftety etc. liabiltiy. Some level of modification protection is necessary


Most interesting general technology articles for 2015

“The Internet of Things Is Everywhere, But It Doesn’t Rule Yet”

“Canon has a 250-megapixel sensor that fits in a DSLR”

How awesome would 250 megapixels be on a drone for scouting crops?

“The cheapest way to get a drone license is to take hot air balloon lessons”

“Man breaks Guinness hoverboard record after standing on a drone”

I guess you wouldn’t have to worry about a camera if you could ride a drone over a field

“The Age Of Disinformation”

I think the age of disinformation could apply to a whole lot more than just weather.. the internet hasn’t made everyone an expert on everything

“Ford Makes Backing Up a Trailer as Easy as Turning a Knob”

“R/C trains haul ore in extreme heat so humans don’t have to”

“Tesla’s Autopilot System Is Creepy And Wonderful”

Really interesting looks at an autonomy applications.. I hope production agriculture can get in on the game soon



Did I miss something? Feel free to post links in the comments below

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