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Non-Farm Tech Tools for Your Operation: Password Management


I’ve been meaning to do a few posts on general technology tools producers can use, and a twitter conversation sparked this one, so let’s talk about password management.

The Problem

One of the biggest challenges with everything going online is passwords. I read other day the average person has something like 30 unique passwords. Sure you could write all these passwords down somewhere, or worse type them out in a Word document (please don’t use a word file called Passwords, or any kind of non-secure computer document at all). But these methods require making changes constantly, not to mention they’re probably not always with you all the time.

I’d argue the best solution to solving your password management woes (for now) is a password manager. Think of a password manager as a virtual toolbox for all your passwords. Instead of screw drivers and vice grips, you put usernames, passwords, pin codes in one place that’s always with you. Better yet, a password manager “toolbox” can be with you anytime: on smartphones, tablets, computers, and basically any internet connected device with a web browser.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “putting all your eggs in one basket” can’t be a good thing can it? Well it’s probably better than using ridiculously common passwords or the same password for everything. If it makes you feel better, keep your financial usernames and passwords out of the manager and just the password manager for everything else.

The Solution

My recommended password manager of choice is LastPass. I use it, and I recommend it every time someone mentions not being able to remember all their passwords. I like the ease of adding new sites and services on my computer, and the convenience of quick and portable access on my smartphone. On certain smartphones and tablets you can even use your fingerprint to log into the LastPass app. It’s even free to use all the basic aspects now, including the mobile apps.

PC Magazine did a good comparison off all the most popular services if you want to look at options other than LastPass

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