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About Aaron Bobeck

Aaron Bobeck graduated from Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus in May of 2010 with a B.S. in Agricultural Systems Management from the Ag and Biological Engineering department and a B.S. in Agricultural Economics from the Ag Economics department.

Aaron is a former Ag Equipment Sales Professional and Technology Consultant for Gilsinger Implement Co. in Leesburg, Indiana. (Now GreenMark Equipment)

As of late, Aaron has been selling quality used late model equipment with Agrisol Equipment, working for a media company on a equipment listings website, and helping on the home farm while still doing some technology support and consulting as well.

Aaron has been featured in several articles by local and online media:
Farmers Take Advantage of New Technology” – The Farmer’s Exchange
Ready to Start Blogging” – Featured Farmer by FARMnWIFE.com
Farming tradition” – Goshen News

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  • JATfarms

    My question is:
    Can a person write a prescription in Apex based on grid soil sample results pulled using Mobile Farm Manager? When I import the grid points from mobile farm manager into Apex, it doesn’t display in the Maps what each point represents. In addition it will not show the grid lines that were shown in mobile farm manager. Therefore, how could I compute the lime recommendations from the lab in the Apex program?

    Am I missing another piece of software because Apex can not perform this task of grid zones?

  • agsnapadmin

    Unfortunately there seems to be very little functionality bringing back in items, such as soil samples, back into Apex. The MFM app seems to be more about the maps than anything.

    You’re not missing anything. I have been told Farmworks and SMS software can work with the MFM app generated files. Just email them to your computer and import the text file into those software packages. Maybe that functionality within Apex will be added with a software update or add on activation, but I obviously can’t promise anything. Make sure your dealer knows what you’d like to see so they can pass it on

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