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IMPORTANT: Deere StarFire GPS Frequency Migration

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StarFire Frequency AS OF JULY 2015 changed again: click here for the new post






If you own a John Deere StarFire™ GPS receiver of ANY model (Original StarFire, StarFire iTC, StarFire 3000) please read on…

Deere has announced that the satellites that send down the SF1 and SF2 signals are changing frequencies and specific action needs to be taken by March 22, 2012 in most cases.

I’ll try and break it down what that means for you by which StarFire receiver you own:

  • If you own a Starfire 3000…
    – You MUST to power it on, outside, and lock onto at least SF1 signal by March 22, 2012
    – You SHOULD update to the latest software 1.52C
  • If you own a StarFire iTC…
    – You have two options:
    1. RECOMMENDED: Update software to 3.73D
    2. -OR- Change your frequency manually, based on your location, see note below and bottom table here
  • If you own an Original Starfire…
    – You will HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR FREQUENCY, based on your location, see note below and bottom table here

– The two satellites that cover the continental U.S. are now named 98W and 54W, 98W, so you’ll use 1539.8725 MHz or 1539.9925 MHz. See the official Deere announcement for instructions.
– You can update software for free using the GreenStar Live Update tool by clicking on your display HERE. Install it, select displays, download update, put in card / usb flash drive, and click Copy. Put in your display and it should pop up with updates or if it doesn’t try pressing on your clock, A, select your GPS receiver and select reprogram and the software version listed above. Contact your local dealer if you have problems with the update.
* If you have an Original GreenStar aka “Brown Box” display paired with your receiver, please see your dealer, or a buddy with an 1800, 2600, 2630 or GS3 CommandCenter display to do the updates OR change the frequency on your iTC or Original.
– Read the official Deere statement here: http://stellarsupport.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1893/kw/frequency

I’m sure there will be lots of questions, please contact your local John Deere dealership if have questions, concerns, or comments. Refer them to DTAC 91144

For your convenience I’ll cover a few here:

Q: I have RTK does this affect me?
A: Yes, RTK is based off SF2 technology, follow the process above and you’ll be good to go.

Q: I don’t use AutoTrac or SwathPro / Section Control does this affect me?
A: Yes, at least somewhat. If you don’t follow the above process by March 22, 2012, your receiver will not lock onto any Deere signal level. It will instead use the free WAAS signal. That’s OK for a light bar, parallel tracking, yield mapping, etc.., but please follow the process, SF1 signal is free and is almost always far better than WAAS. If you have questions regarding signal level Mike Cline has an excellent article about signal levels on his blog, click here.

I’ll try to keep this up to date and answer questions in the comments below, but please see your dealer if you have questions.
Last Update: 2-20-12 9:30PM EST

*****DISCLAIMER: StarFire (TM) and GreenStar (TM) and Command Center (TM) are trademarks of Deere & Company, this post is simple informational only and is provided without any liability to myself or anyone else. You can read the full disclaimer on the About AgSnap Page*****

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