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Multiple Variety Documentation on 2600 and 2630 Displays (and how to make multiple varieties go away)


One of the most frequent questions I get in the spring has to do with the new multiple variety documentation capability that was upgraded a couple of years ago on John Deere’s GreenStar GS2 2100/2600 displays and on the current model GS3 2630 display. Multiple variety doc is an awesome feature, its very flexible, and I’m sure a lot of people were asking for it.

Heck, you can even document male seed rows as "row not planting" and come back later and fill them in. (read: pretty maps)

Unfortunately there has been been some frustration and confusion as well.

I’ve had several people get caught with many varieties on the documentation screen (see below) and being unable to remove varieties from the list of items available to assign to rows.

Several varieties have been added to the list, but only two are actually documenting (match colors with the rows at the bottom)


Fortunately, there’s a very simple fix for this problem. For example: say we want to remove the 1792 variety, which is the yellow above. If we press on 1790 the display will open up the box below called “Add/Edit Variety”. From this screen we select the the white drop down box next to variety and change it to “—–” (dashes), the press the right facing arrow called Accept.

Add/Edit Variety screen - this appears after selecting a variety, or add a variety in the documentation screen


After pressing accept the variety has been removed from the documentation screen and you can feel free to add or remove varieties as you wish (see below).

The 1792 variety that was assigned the yellow color is now gone and the other remaining varieties have replaced the yellow in the bar below

Hopefully that helps clear up some confusion with multiple variety documentation on your GreenStar display. Be sure to comment below if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!

  • With corn we split the planter quite often and this feature is really nice.  Thank goodness for Post Doc in Apex.  I planted several fields last year and didn’t change the colors of the varieties which made for useless maps.  Post Doc let me go back and change all the colors to whatever I wanted them to be.

  • Michael

    Don’t forget to plan ahead for your harvesting method if you a wanting to use variety locator. This setup makes it very easy to make variety locator a disaster at harvest. Remember to group your varieties together by how wide your grain head is. The variety locater will record whatever variety the GPS receiver is. So if you plant 12 row wide and your head is 12 row dont split variety directly in the middle or else it will switch back and forth constantly between the varieties when the receiver is running in the split.

    • agsnapadmin

       Very true, thanks for the reminder!

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