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Fall 2016 Software Update Concerns


I realize many of you have already started (or heck down south even completed) harvest, but a word of caution on software updates for 2630 displays and 3000 GPS receivers. According to @macintoshdaddy on Twitter and his thread on New Ag Talk , there are some pretty major bugs in the Fall 2016 update (2630 ver 3.33.1455 / 3000 ver 2.30X). These issues may result in the display freezing up and needing to be unplugged. Since the display likely won’t shut down properly, you may lose data that was recorded since it was last turned on.

There’s no need to panic if you’ve already done this fall’s update, you have several options. If you don’t use boundaries (especially interior boundaries) and you’re not on RTK, you should be just fine. And even if you do use these things, there is a chance you may not see these issues at all. Anyone who does experience this can easily backdate software or contact their dealer for help. Backdating software on a 2630 is no big deal at all. I’d highly recommend going back to this spring’s 16-1 update. ALWAYS EXPORT DATA on the 2630 BEFORE BACKDATING OR UPDATING. You can download prior software updates from the release notes page on Stellar. The  file will download as a compressed file (.zip). Simply decompress the file, and copy all the files to a blank flash drive. Insert the flash drive and press on the clock to bring up the reprogramming screen. From there you can reprogram to an older version. Be sure to follow any onscreen instructions and let it reboot after the update. My YouTube video below shows how to use the reprogramming screen:



Edit 9-12-16:

Thanks @collegeboy75 for reminding me, you can go back to the previous software version on a 2630 without a usb flash drive at all. Just go to the reprogramming screen and select the 2630, then reprogram device. You should be able to select the prior version that was on the display. I just wouldn’t recommend going back too terribly far.

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