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Average Precision Agriculture?


A quick thought on this unseasonably warm Friday evening…

Just the other day I read an article on the Farm Futures website about Precision Ag choices for farmers. I commented on it, and was probably a little hard on the authors. They didn’t include everything I would have included, but I’m sure it was designed to be an article, not an end-all guide to Precision Ag product choices.

All this made me realize that I haven’t always taken into account how much variance there is in relation to level of technology farms implement for their operation. Saying a farmer has an average level of technology on their farm is about like when people try to define what an “average farm” is. It can’t be done. Try searching for “average farm size” on Google. There’s only about 6.95 million results. Sure statistically, there is an average farm size, but it doesn’t really mean much, as goes for Precision Ag.

I’ll do my best to keep this in mind for future blog posts here at AgSnap.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, thanks for reading, and have a great weekend everyone!

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  • I looked up average farm size yesterday for a post I’m working on.  For the United States it’s 418 acres according to the 2007 ag census.  That was actually smaller than the previous census.  I though that was interesting.  I agree with you in that you’d be hard pressed to find an average farm.  Even farms of similar size have different financial and agronomic situations.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting the statistical average farm size is 418 acres, I had no idea. Thanks for the comment!

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