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Technology in Agriculture, Simplified

The Smart Watch in the Agriculture Industry


As technology advances, so does its accessibility. Much of this new technology is defined as “wearable”, in other words, it can be attached to your body.


I want to make sure expectations are realistic for one segment of wearable, the smart watch. Some of you might remember the calculator watches of the 80’s (they’re as old as I am), well they’re back, in a slightly more fashionable and functional way.




– Easier to glance at than digging a phone out
– May catch more phone calls and notifications by being able to feel smart watch’s vibration better than a typical smartphone
– May be appropriate to use for a quick phone call (when in a quiet, private place ~ think similar to speakerphone)
– Although the  on board camera tends to be poor, it’s a quick option
– Effective range of the wireless Bluetooth connection is around 40 feet, it’s nice for when you’re out of the cab, but didn’t grab the phone




– Most are made with decent dust resistance and some water resistance, but as a friend of mine discovered, a smart watch is no match for a mean spirited hog
– It’s one more thing to get caught and/or break or lose


– Takes two hands to interact with
– Long sleeves or a jacket hinder the look at a glance capability
– Viewing outdoors may be difficult in direct sunlight, but this is improving on newer models
– Most devices aren’t capable of typing out a reply message, this is changing daily but will be cumbersome and time consuming no matter what

Battery Life

– Most won’t make it through more than a day, if that, depending on usage
– It’s one more thing to charge, and some of the charger designs leave a lot to be desired
– Will use at least a little more battery life on your phone if you’re not already using Bluetooth


– They’re not cheap, $150-$300+, and they are outdated quickly.


– Few apps take advantage of smart watches as of this writing, but will change over time


What I use My Smart Watch For

– I have a Samsung Galaxy Gear (the original model).
– I got the Gear as a cheap refurbished model, which has been a good deal considering it’s pristine quality, but minimal usefulness.
– The main usefulness for me has been not missing phone calls in loud environments



– Smart watches aren’t for everyone.
– Make sure to do your research.
– Purchase from a retailer with a good return policy and stick to a brand name.




Wikipedia has a general overview of recent history for the wearable and Smartwatch terminologies.

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