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Precision Ag and Farm Equipment on eBay


A few quick thoughts and things to watch for on eBay…


Used Precision Ag items on eBay

You need to be very careful buying used Precision Ag items on eBay.
The issue isn’t so much about sellers not providing what they said they would, it’s buyers not getting what they expected.

You CANNOT buy a BASICS activation for an GreenStar 2/3/4 display.. you CANNOT activate anything or even make a map without BASICS
– They can be transferred however, but the donor won’t have BASICS
– Many times these are displays that have been replaced under warranty and didn’t go back or get destroyed like they should have

Watch out for displays and receivers from other countries
– AMS products are region locked  (North America one region.. three other regions for the rest of the world)
– Some of these may actually work, but it’s a huge risk and they might not be able to be software updated

On the flip side of this, I have purchased several harnesses and brackets off eBay at a nice savings and had no problems. I have also sold a couple items for a great price as well due to eBay. ATU’s in particular seem to sell for almost new price.

Long story short, used AMS tends to resell very good. If something goes for half normal price, it’s probably for a reason.

Farm Equipment on eBay

I recently took on consignment a 4430 tractor and was looking for new markets to advertise it in.. other than the regular TractorHouse, AgTalk classifieds, Craigslist, etc. This is when I discovered there’s getting to be a decent amount of large used farm equipment on eBay. Heck there’s even a 4430 pulling tractor on eBay.

Point here being, if you’re sell (or possibly buy) something, even large ticket items, eBay might be worth a look.

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