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Non-Farm Tech Tools: Remote Desktop Software

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This is the third post in a series I’m doing on apps and software services that are not particularly designed for Agriculture, but could be very useful to many in the field (sometimes literally in the field).

The Problem

While many software programs are moving towards the cloud, not all are. Some offer minimal but not full functionality online. Some charge monthly or annual fees that were once one-time fees. Maybe you’re using an old program that never will get updated to the cloud. Or maybe you don’t want your private information stored anywhere but your own computer. But at the same time you want everyone to have convenient, remote access to the same computer program.

The Solution

Remote Desktop Software & Apps – TeamViewer

I’ve been surprised to find out many people don’t know they can setup a computer to be remotely accessed, much less do it for free. My preferred method of remotely accessing computers (aka remote desktop) is TeamViewer. TeamViewer is free for non-commecial use, and in my experiences, secure and reliable. It can be installed on any desktop or laptop (Windows, Mac, etc.), and it’s even coming to a lot of tablets and smartphones.

Potential uses for Remote Desktop:

  • Remote into a computer with accounting software such as QuickBooks
  • Remote into a computer with farm management software such – even send files remotely or to a cloud service
  • Support someone else’s computer remotely – they can grant you temporary or more permanent access
  • Share your screen with an accountant, or for a customer presentation
  • Use the TeamViewer app on your phone or tablet to see a desktop only website
  • Print remotely, or shut down / reboot a computer you left running in a remote location

Other Notes / Alternatives

Keep in mind the computer you want to remote into will need to be running. In some cases you may be able to access a computer without leaving it run 24/7, such as scheduling a computer when to start and shut down, or wake-on-lan.


Some other options for remote desktop:

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop



Microsoft Remote Desktop (usually local to the network only)

  • Cloud Hopper

    Another option for secure and reliable remote desktop is ISL Online.

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