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Technology in Agriculture, Simplified

Keeping up with Technology News


On occasion I get asked  “How do you know all that?” or “How can I keep up with all the changing technology” (not saying I know it all, because I most definitely do not).

The answer is simple: I read. A lot.

YouTube video is becoming a great source as well.

What I read up on:

Engadget & The Verge– General Tech news blogs
Gizmodo and LifeHacker were decent before they pushed into politics and their liberal agendas

Droid-Life & Android Police – Android / Google news.. good for some snarky entertainment is nothing else

NewAgTalk & The Combine Forum – Agriculture forums

Twitter – check out hashtags #agtech and #precisionag in particular.. Follow your favorite companies and news media as well


YouTube (and sometimes Vimeo) – Online video might not be new, but it’s really growing in both the amount and quality of content. I try to add some of best videos I find on my YouTube channel (look under playlists). I think the key here is find sources of video you like and subscribe to their channel and check in once and a while on the your subscriptions page. Everyone you subscribe to, their newest videos will be shown here. Look major increasing in live streaming too


Other Sites I Read on Occasion:

HACKADAY – interesting to see stuff people tear down, rebuild, re-purpose
Inspire Pilots – done forum
XDA – more for specific issues for phones / tablets
How To Geek – tips and trucks
Tech Crunch – VC / entrepreneurship in tech
Forbes Tech News

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