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Don’t Change Your Computer’s Date & Time


So maybe you have an older piece of computer software that doesn’t like today’s date and time. Or maybe it “expires”, even though you’ve paid for it properly (this isn’t to be used for getting around trials). So to get around the issue of a calendar date the software developers didn’t anticipate, you change the date on your computer for that one program.. So what’s the big deal with that? Well I’ve seen major problems with more modern kinds of desktop computer software such as JD Apex or AgLeader SMS. Date and time is important to these programs, they don’t usually like seeing an old calendar date, and can throw errors or corrupt files. More than once this has happened, it’s easy to forget to change the calendar date back and forth for that one other program.

I recently ran across a solution to solve changing the date and time for a specific program. It’s called “RunAsDate“. This simple, little executable changes the date and time for just the program you want it to. It does not affect any other programs on your computer. I’m using this on a parts catalog program and it’s been flawless so far. Make sure Immediate Mode is checked on.


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